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About Us

About Us  Pet Vertex
Pet Vertex is a Pet care & accessories company
It specializes in providing the E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun, which is also suitable for people.
Think of the E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun when choosing a superior product that has been designed for horses, dogs, and the people that love them.

Pet Vertex Beyond The Accessories

Founded by Miss O and based in London, Pet Vertex is passionate about people, pets and more…

Causes that we care about

Equality and Diversity, Race, Poverty, Homeless, Refugees, Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Vulnerable Women and Children,
Mental Health, Justice and Discrimination.

Pet Vertex will demonstrate support for these important causes over time, throughout the company’s life span.

Miss O  
CEO and Founder of Pet Vertex
Brought up around the dogs of close family members from a young age, Miss O appreciated the love and loyalty that dogs express to those that care for them.
Miss O’s love for the tv programme ‘Black Beauty’ was her introduction to horses. 
That set the tone for her curiosity and wonder of horses. They are fast, strong and majestic creatures, yet so loving and affectionate.
Pet Vertex was born to create a company that is more than just about Pet Accessories. 
The world is constantly evolving and the love and appreciation that animals freely show us must be recognised and used as a reminder to be kind to one another, because we can.
Remember kindness and pay it forward – Miss O will use Pet Vertex as a vessel to practice this and encourage others to do the same.

Our Services


Horse Massage

Revive your horse's muscles with the percussive therapy of our E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun.


Dog Massage

Give your dog the gift of relief & recovery with our top-rated E&C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun.


Massage For You

Pamper your pets and yourself with our versatile massage gun - perfect for dogs, horses, and humans.

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