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E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun

E & C
Equus Et Canis - Latin for Horse and Dog

Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun
(Suitable for people to use)

Massage guns have revolutionised the way that massage treatment is administered to horses, dogs and you, over the past 10 years. The results are incredible.

Massage guns are used for horses, dogs, athletes, joggers, sports men and women, and general everyday people that suffer from aches and pains.

The E & C massage gun is a myofascial physiotherapy and deep tissue therapy device that is designed to enhance the muscle recovery process.
Our massage guns achieve rapid results by helping to relieve muscle pain and soreness. This reduces inflammation, muscle knots and muscle tension.

The E & C massage gun helps improve blood circulation and this relieves stiffness by loosening the joints.
Our massage guns help to relieve stress by reducing pain. There are multiple benefits to experience when using our E & C massage guns.

To get your pet’s bodies in the best shape possible and do the same for yourself, use the E & C massage gun. They are compatible with horses, dogs and people.
Give your horses, dogs and you, the right care and treatment and you will have a happier and healthier outcome for all.