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Pet Vertex Home To The E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun


Pet Vertex is the home of the E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun. This massage gun is a tool that people can use on themselves too, and has become popular within the equestrian and canine community.  Massage guns have revolutionised the way that massage treatment is administered to horses, dogs and humans over the past 10 years. Massage guns can be used on horses, dogs, athletes, joggers, sports men and women and anybody that suffers from aches and pains. The E & C massage gun is a myofascial physiotherapy and deep tissue therapy device that is designed to enhance the muscle recovery process. Our massage guns achieve rapid results in helping to relieve muscle pain and soreness by reducing inflammation, muscle knots and muscle tension. Equine Massage Therapist Hayley Robinson of Equine Evolutions recommends the E & C massage gun to both friends and clients. Hayley said “I absolutely love my Pet Vertex E & C Massage Gun. I use it on the horses I treat, and also on one of my dogs.  It does an amazing job of working into the muscles, releasing tension and stress points. Massage is so beneficial for increasing circulation, reducing pain, improving muscle tone and overall body health. The Pet Vertex E & C Massage Gun helps me to help horses feel better physically and mentally” Isabelle Underwood of Stable Hands Equine Massage talks about how essential massage is and the difference that the E & C massage gun makes for her clients. “Massage is a massively important part of maintaining your horse’s muscular health, which of course is not only important for performance but also for comfort and welfare. Tension is normal within muscles, but also restrictive and at times uncomfortable. Massage has proven to release this tension, with studies showing it can help to relax horses, improve flexibility and increase stridelength. The E & C Massage Gun is a great way to maintain your horse’s muscles and improve performance in this way as it is easy to use and lightweight, meaning anyone can use it and see the benefits! All of my clients love it!” Laura Harding MChiro, Chiropractor is very impressed with the E & C massage gun. Here’s what she had to say: “I am often asked by patients whether massage guns are any good. It’s taken a while, but finally after being introduced to the E&C massage gun, I can now say I have found one I like. It’s effective and easy to use both for self-care or in clinic especially for stubborn or sensitive trigger points, while its small size enables the user to feel comfortable and secure when in use. Having the varying levels of intensity and choice of massage heads it gives greater flexibility for its application. In my opinion it is a beneficial addition for both practitioner and patient.”